Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson Celebrate The Grammys at OIL CAN HARRY'S!

Lady Gaga had a lot to celebrate after cleaning up at The Grammys and joined co-writer Mark Ronson at one of the hottest dancing bars in town.

The party went down at OIL CAN HARRY'S in Studio City, and Ronson and Gaga weren’t just there to mingle, they also got in the DJ booth for a remix of their Grammy-winning song, “Shallow” from A STAR IS BORN.

Lady Gaga at Oil Can Harry's

Lady Gaga at Oil Can Harry's


Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Hit the Dance Floor at Mark Ronson’s Grammys After-Party at Oil Can Harry's

It wasn’t Soho House, the Polo Lounge or the Four Seasons that Mark Ronson chose for his post-Grammy “Club Heartbreak” celebration with some of the biggest stars in music. Rather, Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Troye Sivan, Charli XCX and the girls from Haim were among the revelers at Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City, a line-dancing bar on any other Sunday night and the place to be post-Grammys.

Ronson was celebrating his two Grammy wins — for best dance recording for “Electricity” and for best song written for visual media for “Shallow” — and manned the DJ booth for some of the night, with Gaga at his side for a remix of their Grammy-winning “A Star Is Born” song. Feet away on the dance floor, Adele got into the groove as Madonna’s “Borderline” came on; Zane Lowe mingled, accepting compliments for his “voice of God” work during the telecast; Troye Sivan sipped from a grapefruit-shaped mule mug; and Jenny Lewis indulged in the free Tommy’s burgers being offered in the back parking lot. The party was sponsored by Absolut Elyx.

Lady Gaga at Oil Can Harry's